Friday, May 21, 2010

On the third Thursday of every other month during an eclipse and coinciding with a ten point rise in the stock market my blog administrator says something  funny. Here's what he wrote over on face book to his friend Kay.

Miss Kay wrote,...... Please attend our annual membership meeting of the Good Shepard Humane Society tomorrow at 6pm. Can't make it? $20 buys a membership. We are non-profit, no-kill and the only shelter in Carroll County, Arkansas.With a great board, wonderful shelter director and staff, we welcome another year of caring for all the dumped, neglected and abused dogs and cats we can take. Thank you for your support (email me for details:)
My blog administrator responded,....  Sorry, I have previous plans or I'd be at the meeting. My chickens just made it to the final rounds for the Carroll County Cock fights and my pit bull might make it to the State Championship this year!

* I don't think Kay was amused.
Paul's a sap for a critter. He's trained one of our cats to climb onto his shoulder and purr into his ear- just like me! hahaha

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Melody K said...

Cock fights and pit bulls; I love it!
What I have in my neighborhood are the four Chihuahuas from Hades. At least my neighbors don't carry them in their purses.
My husband is a sucker for critters, too. Nobody believes me that it was his idea to get our cats. We got them from the local no-kill shelter; we got two because he didn't want to separate a brother and sister.