Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deconstruction and demolition are the same thing.

If  your asked to show up for work and all you do is  argue and rebel about the rules of construction you can expect for your construction project to be a mess in return. In all jobs as in all things in life you can't just go and do whatever you feel your called to do or work as only an individual with your own agenda . Likewise we have to have rules (Guidelines or plans) for our church so that it too won't  be left in a state of  confusion and chaos, in short- a mess.  When you argue and rebel everybody loses even you. When we pull and tug at our church and demand for things to be done our own way, this is a physical example of what happens to it spiritually. It seems invisible as something not tangible but to some people it's very clear.

Our church rules which many people find old fashioned or cumbersome are necessary and lead us to precision - perfection through corporation , obedience,  and discipline added with our own personal sacrifices to Christ and his church in order to  build up the body of Christ. The  rules and regulations needed to  perfect us as are not meant as a means to crush our individually but in reality the rules are meant to enhance the entire body of Christ and our individuality conducted within the guidelines of the Catholic church only enhance our works for God and both for us on a personal level and collectively for our entire church. When we do what we are called to do, it's a win- win for everybody.
*Disclaimer- When I blog I'm writing predominantly to my children so if I sound autocratic it's because I'm running a home and trying to produce happy healthy adults at some point  besides my  home  is not a democracy even so, I love and respect my children.


swissmiss said...

Vincenzo has told me for ages to come by your blog, but I don't get out much. My house is certainly not a democracy. I'm trying to establish a feudal system, but the kids aren't getting it yet.

belinda said...

Hi Miss Swiss! It's kind of you to stop by. I suspect we are very similar in our thought process as I've read some of your posts before.

About my kids, I'm not where I want to be either. We are such a slow work in progress.

I don't get around much either, my anxiety keeps me from commenting on new blogs but I want to reach out and talk to more people. Besides I think I will make the few blog friends I have tired of me. It happens. ;)