Monday, July 19, 2010

3-D.... It's the next best thing to actually being there!!!
$78.88 so far, plus shipping- over on EBay.
(I'm not buying, but only admiring it.)


Vincenzo said...

I was experimenting and it didn't turn out as planned.. ;)

Anonymous said...

vince, it's more than 3-D, it's ANIMATED!!

Belinda, you crack me up. (And you *are* going straight to heaven.)

Vincenzo said...

Georgette, I think it might cause seizures. Another attempt:

belinda said...

Thanks for the animated photo! Oh, how I love 3-D. I would like to start a 3-D blog but I'm overwhelmed with my responsibilities as it is.

I have some amazing cards that I'd like to share.

Anonymous said...

Vince, much better. My eyes thank you. :)

Belinda, how would one go about making a 3D blog? You make me regret throwing out my old view master many, many moons ago!

belinda said...

Georgette, There are three ways to do it. One is like Vince has done and with practice and the perfect reel it will look 3 D and amazing.

Vince animated the reel by overlapping the left and the right views to produce one view that gives the appearance of 3D. Another way is with the three D glasses which I've viewed on my computer. I used the glasses from the latest 3D movie at the theater but only some things can be viewed with the glasses and thirdly you can see some items in three D if you can cross your eyes real hard while viewing the larger slides... I feel kinda sick now because I've been doing it for 20 minutes.

It's fun- check it out."

Vincenzo said...

"It's fun- check it out."

This one from that site turned out better:

So all I'm doing is taking the left image, making that .gif frame #1, then overlaying the right image, making that .gif frame #2. Animate.

belinda said...

My computer crashed so I'm using Sarahs computer and I don't have my old links to show you but the image isn't quite there yet. Check this out. I would like to purchase one of these cameras.

you know I don't understand this "loading" stuff."

Vincenzo said...

Cool. I see one on ebay for $554.
I think I recall seeing some kind of 3d film camera in a store.. around the late 80s?

swissmiss said...

I have an old stereoviewer and a basket of cards. Nothing too exciting or valuable like a Civil War card but will have to take another look through them ;)

Elizabeth said...

Dear Mom,
This has nothing to do with your post, but I just wanted to say hi and show you this article. I think that you could do this very easily. Basically, this guy decided to take something he didn't want anymore and see what he could trade it for on craigslist, and he kept trading up over a year until he had an old car worth $15,000. He traded that for a slightly less valueable, but shiny porsche. The original item he had was a broken cell phone. He got the idea from another man who did something similar and got a house from a red paper clip. I think it takes a lot of time and innovation, but you could do something on a far smaller scale. Like, just see what you can get for some of that stuff upstairs you were going to get rid of. You could get just 50 cents, or you could get something more. It might be an interesting experiment.

read the article. It's kinda amazing what you can do with time and imagination.

Vincenzo said...

Wow. Yes I can imagine Belinda pulling that off.

belinda said...

Yes my dear Elizabeth, I was thinking about this two days ago. (weird)I thought I would start out with a shiny marble and work my way up to an airconditioner- The one that costs ten grand and I would stop right there.

Don't open any of the email with chinese characters. Those porn meisters sent me an email that crashed my computer. I don't know how to block them. XOXO Mom
Just goes to show you, hell is not full yet and when I was concerned if there would be enough room for all of them you reminded me that comfort will not be an issue.