Sunday, July 25, 2010

The divine replicator.

I dreamt I was walking down a quiet paved road and there was a Catholic church on one side of the road and a large home on the other. I thought to myself, " I'd like to visit the church but first I'll go and view the home across the street."  I was told by someone in the dream that I was touring mother Cabrini's home for children and that this was where she had lived and cared for the children. (I don't know if there is such a place but I will google it after my post so that  I dont taint my poor memory.)  As I was being escorted through the old empty building we walked into each of the rooms and I was told a little bit about some of the children who had been under the watchful care of Mother Cabrini and her assistant care givers. Many of the children lived wonderful productive lives after they had left -  a living testament to Mother Cabrini and the spiritual direction and love she had provided for those children.

One little boy had loved bomber planes and carried a picture of a plane that he had treasured but for some reason it was left behind.  The sisters had encouraged the boy and this had effected his life in some sort of a dramatic way but I wasn't told how.

As I walked past Mothers room, I saw a Nun wearing a full habit whose back was turned to me and she was looking at a picture on the wall that read.... "I love my Nona." which made me smile because then I realized that Mother was Italian and that she took pride in being Italian.  In room after room where the children had stayed there had been stories of spiritual successes -you know moral people who went on to live exemplary christian lives after their stay. It felt as though it had been a happy place but has since fallen into deep disrepair and whether it's spiritual, simply physical or perhaps both, was not stated.

I was struck by the enormous love Mother Cabrini's had for the children. Her great love was uncontainable, it felt almost tangible and I was overwhelmed and inspired by it. I was told that it was Christ who gave Mother this great love and that it is Christ who replicates it  over and over again in his souls  and as it takes root it becomes unstoppable and it continues to replicate on and on forever.

Here's the house I  googled -Sacred Heart Orphan Asylum or the Sacred Heart Orphanage. I dreamt that there were serious issues with the floors and that the porch needs repair but there's also a door that doesn't lock properly and I dreamt that if that door's not fixed someone could get hurt and the door gave me anxiety. 
(Someone has been hurt and Mother is not happy with whats been going on over there.)
Death doesn't seem to stop some people and Mother Cabrini is on it.

*Disclaimer- This blog does not have church approval and neither do I. 


Vincenzo said...

I approve! Great post thanks.

Melody K said...

My grandma had a Mother Cabrini medal with a second-class relic in it. She had visited her shrine in Colorado. It sounded like it would be a neat place to go.

belinda said...

Vince, I had a dream three days ago about imprisoned people (redundant now because of Drudge) in their basements. I think there must be lots of people imprisoned because I have these dreams often.
They're dreams of terror so it was a relief to dream something thats mostly nice. Except that Mother is upset about the abuse that's gone on. It's funny how people think that they get by with sin and no one notices.

Melody, I wish I would have see the shrine when I was in Colorado last year. Maybe someday, but now what I would really like to see is that home for the orphans.

Enbrethiliel said...


What a beautiful dream! It reminds me of St. Francis' hearing the voice from Heaven saying, "Rebuild my church!" He interpreted that to mean the run-down church of San Damiano, of course, but we have all since taken it to mean the crumbling Catholic Church of that point in the Middle Ages. For Belinda, I think that although you visited the big home instead of the church in your dream, everything you've said about the big home can be, with slight adjustment, be said about the Church. Both the spiritual successes of the Church and Her current need of major repairs.

What a beautiful dream! =)

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Belinda. I think Enbrethiliel is right, it's a metaphor for the bigger overall problems in the Church. Maybe the same thing with your prison many poor people really are trapped in their own sins and if the house is a metaphor for their soul, the basement is where the hidden, entrapping sinfulness would be.

belinda said...

Thank you all for your kindness towards me. I am uncomfortable with posting about my dreams. I fear ridicule and a good religious bashing by some sort by some well meaning christian thinking I should be brought down a notch or two -for whatever reason.

If I do post about my dreams perhaps it will bless or enrich someone else or trigger some grand thought or holy desire within them.
Publicising them embarrasses me and I always do it with great anxiety.
I love dreaming of saints especially of martyrs being carried to the alter for public recognition from Christ. Saints who give glory to God with their very bodies.
Saints carrying saints to the altar as a gift to Christ.... the joy, thrill and excitement of the crowd could not be contained.

- Isn't it cool how even a dead person can still glorify God?

Miss Georgette, I really believe there are countless people imprisoned in homes/basements etc.. I pray for them often.