Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Vincenzo said...

I'd like to go back in time for a day.

belinda said...


I'd tavel back in time to the 1893 Chicago Worlds fair and I'll need to bring trinkets back with me - all I could carry... like a pick pocket. (They had a lot of religious items)

Were you thinking I would have picked a Jesus event? Nah, he goes everywhere I go so it wouldn't matter although I really, really wanna see the second coming of Christ.

Where would you go?

belinda said...

BTW... The second comming of Christ and from a good seat too.

Vincenzo said...

That's funny - I was thinking around 1890 too.
Where.. The World's Fair is a great idea.
Do you think he's coming back soon?

Vincenzo said...

You'll need a ticket. Found on eBay.

belinda said...

My husband bought a coin from the fair for me and he's been looking at tickets as well.
( At the time the admission fee was the cost of five days wages)

I'm very interested in a stereo card of "The White City" - The city was plastered and painted white and had the appearance of marble.

Americas first serial killer set up shop close to the fair so you would have wanted to avoid him at all cost and Buffalo Bill parked his crew outside of the fair - he was considered too low brow for the fair yet he made a ton of money. I thought that he made more than the fair did in the end.

You'll have to practice "custody of the eyes" in the beer gardens near the belly dancers. hahahaha

I think after we're all micro chipped then Christ will return but I don't know and don't believe anyone who says they do.

This I am sure of .. bad stuff is going to happen and the time is now to pray and like we mean it.

The bible tells us that it will be as a woman who is in labor.

Here's how that works..
you know somethings going to happen but your not sure when or to what degree your going to suffer but once things get going everything is unstoppable. I'm praying that the pain doesn't drag on and for us as I don't believe in the rapture though I would like to. Flying away is wayyy nicer than being martyred.

Vincenzo said...

"I think after we're all micro chipped then Christ will return but I don't know and don't believe anyone who says they do."

We are gradually destroying ourselves, via chemicals, DNA engineering and there will be unintended consequences to all this tinkering. I think he'll return before our humanity is irreversibly damaged or erased in the name of science.