Saturday, September 18, 2010

After I dreamt and prayed  for families who have lost their homes in foreclosures, I dreamt that Ryan O'Neal   has grown twitchy and anxious since Farrah's passing and with good reason. She's been working hard on his conversion. Her tenacious, determined and unwavering spirit made me laugh as I watched her go after him (Spiritually speaking of course) while he was trying to sleep. I saw him  in bed nodding off with a light on and after being awakened by her, he sat up and yelled, "WHO'S THERE, WHO'S THERE?! - all anxious and upset-Yeah, he was sure twitchy alright.

 I love how The Holy Spirit gains a lot of lost ground during the night when it's quiet and we're alone with our thoughts. In my opinion, (Which BTW doesn't matter very much) that's when the most souls are won.

Saints make me laugh especially as we watch them going about the Holy will of God ,they're people who wont  take no for an answer and they're not easily dismissed.
*My blog has not been approved by the  Holy Catholic church nor by any low level employee within the entire structure of the organization -which BTW I dearly love.


Julie said...

I have something of an obsession with St Therese of the Child Jesus and read everything about her I can get my hands on.
It's surprising to me, therefore, that this image of her persists of a Mary Pickford character, all sweetness and light. In reality, she was one very tough cookie. (I forget which pope referred to her as "having faith like a steel bar").
She was absolutely relentless in her pursuit of souls, and as a novice mistress was pretty brusque sometimes. Her "little way" did not mean that you cut corners.
She once said that she didn't care what her her novices thought of her. Her job wasn't to befriend them, but to help them achieve heaven.

Melody K said...

"I love how The Holy Spirit gains a lot of lost ground during the night when it's quiet and we're alone with our thoughts."
I think you're right, Belinda

Pablo the Mexican said...

People in distress of losing their home should make certain the owner is the one selling it at Foreclosure.

$800 Billion worth of mortagages were sold to Investors. That means the Banks or Mortgage Companies are no longer Owner.

Someone in cyberspace is.

There is a way to stop Foreclosure sales until ownership is proven. The FTC has said if enough people get together, it will look at filing criminal charges against those comitting fraud by selling homes they no longer own.

We the people need to fight the modern day Carpetbaggers.


belinda said...

Pablo, Greed is killing us.