Saturday, October 30, 2010

 If you desire to see this in three "D" you can cross your eyes really hard (They wont actually get stuck that way.) then after a moment your eyes will see three pictures on the screen and it's the image in the middle which you view in three "D".
Get it?
H.C. White CO., Chicago, NEWYORK, London, Gen'l office and works, North Bennington, Vt, U.S. A.
EDITION de LUXE Patented April 14, 1903
5214 Captured at last.
Copyright 1902 By H.C. White 00.


Julie said...

Oh, fun! Thanks for sharing!

(I had a "lazy eye" as a child. I would be sitting at the dinner table and suddenly I'd be looking at my nose. This would agitate my father, who sat across from me and assumed it was some kind of parlor trick I was practicing for attention. "Stop doing that!"
I was vindicated by a trip to the eye doctor and a pair of blue cat's eye glasses.
Who knew this "trick" would come in handy so many decades later?)

belinda said...


I saw a pair of white cat eye glasses in a snooty magazine this week. Very hip right now.

Enbrethiliel said...


I still have a lazy eye . . . or something. I'm afraid I can't do the cross-eyed trick to see this image in 3D, Belinda. =( I can't watch movies in 3D, either. But you're sweet to want to share the fun!