Tuesday, November 9, 2010


sanabituranima said...

Whilst I agree that abortionn is murder, I don't see what the video has to do with abortion. The woman could have been sad because she had an abortion, or because her fiancé had gone to war, or because she had cancer, or because she'd been evicted from her house, or because she'd argued with her best friend, or for any number of reasons.

belinda said...

In this amazing movie the main character ends up pregnant out of wedlock and nearly starves because of her decision to keep her baby.

But then later on we don't know if she kills the baby as we sit on the edge of our chairs waiting to find out if she throws it and or herself into the water below but then the film clip ends abruptly, so I don't know what happened.

The movie really is visual poetry and though we hear no words we adults clearly know whats going on.

sanabituranima said...

OK - I must see the whole film sometimes.