Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear Mr. Norris, I had the exact same expression on my face today when an old man using the exercise machine sneezed and coughed all over it. Gosh, he practically threw up on it.
 I thought , "Oh great , now I can't use it, and I  may  never be able use that machine again!" 
"Darn, how am  I going to do those sit ups and  chair squats now ?!"

Seriously, if your going to throw up on the machines think about removing yourself from them first. It's common courtesy and as you can plainly see, I need to use the machines too.

(How many cooties are in a wet sneeze, a really big slobbery sneeze.)


Julie said...

Your gym doesn't offer those disposable anti-bacterial wipes that seem to be everywhere these days?
Admittedly I rare use them, as I don't want to appear like some wimpy germ-a-phobe, but boy, in this case, they'd be warranted.
Somewhat along the same vein, don't you love it when the fellow in front of you at mass keeps blowing his nose during the entire service, the victim of an obviously bad cold, and then turns and gives you the handshake of peace? Gulp.

belinda said...

Julie during the sign of peace I suck it up and behave - until I get to the car.

I am a wimpy germ a phobe and I'm okay appearing as one. I am what I am.

Lola said...

I quit the Y because most of the people didn't practice not only good hygiene, they're ussually someone 'camped' out on a machine. I can work out all the machines in 30 minutes and there will be some joker sitting and either chatting with a friend or be really 'working-out'. Multiple sets with 5 minute breaks...

Oy vey.

But, really it's the sloppy hygiene that made me say to myself, "hand wieghts, squats and a walk will have to do."

But, then I don't leave the house so much.