Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry, but as I walked past your car I thought perhaps maybe you were  .... um... well...  ummm.....  maybe you  needed  CPR a hand, or something. I didn't know people could sleep with their  heads so far forward defying the laws of gravity, nature and science without actually reaching a tipping point. Your chin was  practically on  the your floor chest so naturally I was concerned. I'm sorry I thank God I could wake woke you, but after being startled, it's good to know your pacemaker could handle the extra jolt. Perhaps you could consider adjusting your hair now that your awake because it's moved too far forward  and is nearly covering your eyes , but  worse yet,  it isn't covering the back of your head any longer and again,  I'm really sorry I ruined your nap. If only I could have seen your chest moving or maybe if you'd a had the lung power to fog up  a window or something  I wouldn't have been so worried.

Anyway, again,.....I'm so sorry ,but frankly, I am a little disappointed with your lack of gratitude.


Charlene said...

That is funny.

They were catching up on all that sleep they missed when their kids were young. That's what was happening!

Melody K said...

Kind of like the time I went to get groceries, and there was a lady parked at a weird angle, asleep against the steering wheel. I was worried she needed help and alerted the store manager. Turned out she was waiting for a family member to get off their shift, and was catching a nap. Better to be safe than sorry, however!