Saturday, November 20, 2010

Torquay, Devon (1924)


Julie said...

So how come kids don't have freckles anymore?

belinda said...

'cause it's totally like the "Stepford wives".

You have to go outside to get freckles. (Does sunscreen prevent freckles?)
I was out garage sale-ing in an upscale neighborhood and as I drove around I thought uuuuum, something's strange... and then it dawned on me, there were no children playing outside. It was a fine Saturday morning too!

I do notice kids outside for structured activities and walking to and from school but that's about it.

Melody K said...

That is such a cute video; sweet kids!
I'm glad the kids in our neighborhood still play outside after school; we don't live in a very upscale neighborhood.

Julie said...

I ran a daycare out of my home for eight years. Unless it was raining or miserably cold, everyone went outside twice a day for at least an hour. I have video of kids spending hours simply rolling down the hill behind our house, getting filthy and having a heigh-ho time. And they played in the sandbox making mudpies and castles.
And that's another thing-when was the last time you saw a truly dirty kid?
To my mind, one measures the success of one's day by how much you're in need a bath at the end of it.
And when did Miss Julie turn into an old curmudgeon?

belinda said...

Melody, I'm not upscale either and I shop at only the finest garage sales. hahahaha

Julie, I think it's healthy for a kid to get dirty. My oldest daughter never did and now her allergies are too much for her.

Texas Mom said...

This is so cute, Belinda. It is so fun to see them enjoy themselves. However, it makes me very grateful for hair conditioner.

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Rachel, a Catholic Mom in Dallas