Sunday, December 12, 2010

Have you ever wondered if God keeps some of the things you've made on his  refrigerator?

Here's whats on my fridge.

Our daughter Grace is working on a set of drawings for our Priest at his request, but this is only a rough sketch.


Julie said...

My son is an artist living in New York City. He has always said if you can draw hands well you can draw just about anything. (Even Mary Cassatt wasn't so hot with hands, so she cleverly hid them)

Grace can do hands.

Melody K said...

That is beautiful, Belinda!

belinda said...

I'm trying to talk Grace into becoming an animator. She could entertain and reach a lot of souls that way.

She wants to be an Amish nun and bake all day. She said she would like to cook for the Pope and be his food taster - as a precaution. :)
Grace has been knitting all day. I can't do that either.

Lola said...

What talent!

God Bless you Grace!

Please post the finished work.

belinda said...

Lola! I've been praying for you and wondering what you've been up to. :)