Tuesday, January 4, 2011

 (Diary 1033). “When I see that the burden is beyond my strength, I do not consider or analyze it or probe into it, but I run like a child to the Heart of Jesus and say only one word to Him: “You can do all things.” And then I keep silent, because I know that Jesus Himself will intervene in the matter, and as for me, instead of tormenting myself, I use that time to love Him.” Mercy Minutes. - Sister Faustina

If you find yourself pregnant and alone -fall into Christ. He will save you and give you the strength you need and just when you need it..... I promise.


Melody K said...

Such good advice from St. Faustina; I love her Diary.
Where did the other picture go, I liked it!

belinda said...

I thought maybe it was better to have a single swimmer in over her head.

I love this photo - it's from the Shorpy blog.
weeki wachee mermaids

Melody K said...

The Weeki Wachee Mermaids are cool. I understand they still do shows. If I'm ever in Florida I'd like to see them.