Friday, January 21, 2011


3puddytats said...

It's not the just the Catholic Church--it's alot in modern society..good leaders are hard to find, be them church, family, business, government.

My definition of good leadership was one I discovered when I was in the military...there were officers that I would gladly take a bullet for, and some that I would just as soon duck...

This is not entirely the bishops fault--just see the amazing strides in technology the past 15-20 years..people that can't keep up are doomed to failure. The media is instant and you are on YouTube 5 minutes after you speech is completed.

The brightest scholars are not necessarily the best leaders. And good leaders know that you cannot please everyone. Bishops cannot keep tabs on every single parish...that is why they have staff and priests that report to them. Priests and bishops that swept problems under the rug because frankly they had no idea how to handle them are now paying the piper. People want good solid answers to questions, and not "I'm a priest or bishop so I said so..."

As individuals we do need to take some responsibility and not wring our hands and say "It's the priest's job, or it's the bishop's job." Why is the Catholic faith suffering?? Look in the mirror and you see why. Individuals don't do their part. They go to Mass, then go home, it is not an important part of their daily life. They are members of the Catholic Club who meet for an hour on Sunday, daydream or play with their kids during Mass, and "Please don't ask me to get involved," even though we desperately need musicians, choir members, ushers, alter servers, folks to wash lines, folks to clean the church and grounds, you name it.


belinda said...

"Why is the Catholic faith suffering?? Look in the mirror"

Well said Sara.

Don't forget, these men came from our homes and we as parents and the greater community have some accountability too.