Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ana's boyfriend, Nate, spent a few days with us for his birthday and so Ana decided to make him a cake.  Nate loves to fish so we took a baked pan of brownies and molded them into the shape of a fish, then we cut pieces of fondant to cover the brownie form which we then painted with food coloring. (We left off the fin along the top of the fish off so that the cake would fit nicely into our freezer.)

We used peanut M&M's for the eyeballs and Ana painted them to tone down the orange.

Ana doesn't know how to cook but her little sister Rose does, so Rose talked Ana through  the process of baking a chocolate cake from scratch.

We double dog dared Rose to eat the candy fondant bug in the fishes mouth which she happily had done.

 Naturally, Joseph loved the part with the fire and Sarah took a cut piece of the  "fish head"  to work with her  and  she put it on her bosses desk. What do you suppose that was all about?


Julie said...

Holy smokes! That's amazing!

Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, wow! You and your daughter are so creative! That is one excellent cake. =D

3puddytats said...

Amazing cake!! How creative!!


ignorant redneck said...

Awesome! Totally Awesome! Totally Awesome!!!!!!!!

(This was dictated by the Queen of the House, who makes awesome cakes herself.)

Anonymous said...

Wowzers! She oughta be on Cake Boss!

Lola said...


I think Nate will never forget this birthday.

Or this cake.