Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Mom,
I was sitting at my desk, working on chemistry. I had headphones plugged into my laptop. I was trying to calculate the amount of Oxygen at 800 torr. pressure. It was really boring.
As I was typing the equation into my calculator, my i-tunes suddenly turned off. I said to myself, "that was weird," and reached over to push play.
A second time, it went from "Mozart: Le Nozze Di Figaro," to sudden silence. I started freaking out and I thought, "Uuuuuuum, I think my computer is possessed...."
I turned my music back on, and literally 2 seconds later, my screen goes black and media settings come on. I pushed the "esc" button. This happened 3 times within (estimated time) 12.4  seconds. It was very aggravating.
Because my music was rather loud, I did not notice the laughing boys behind me.
At this point I thought that my computer was about to crash, so I quickly started to save my homework files and close down applications. After saving almost everything, I noticed the girl in front of me also frantically pushing buttons on her laptop while the screen went on and off.
I took off my headphones and heard the boys laughing. I saw that one of them had a Mac Book remote ( for computers, just like a t.v.). He was aiming it at random computers and controlling them. You would be surprised at the girls reaction (she did not think it was funny). He does not have that remote anymore.

 :)  <3 -Grace


3puddytats said...

Math?? BORING???

Perish the thought.. :)

Tell her if she's good at math/science then she'll be able to get way cool job working with way cool stuff and make LOTS of money to take good care of her Mama in her old age... :)

And yes--she can still be a scientist and a nun :)


belinda said...

I'll pass that on. :)