Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Congratulations to Al Green  because his song, "Let's stay together" was entered into the national library of Congress today.
That move was a win- win for all of us.

When I sing with you Al, you make me sound really good.


Terry Nelson said...

You are not going to believe this - but - I was going to post this song today in connection with another post - actually I thought of it because of Fr. Mark's meditation on Vultus Christi - anyway - I removed it because I thought people would think I was being silly. Later I heard it on the news but I didn't know what for until I read your post.

Isn't that a coincidence though? Seriously. I must pick up radio waves in my head or something.

belinda said...

Do you have a lot of dental work?

Lucille Ball believed that she could pick up radio signals.

This is a fun story though a bit different than your psychic abilities story.

click here

Glad your feeling better! Al Green always makes me feel better too.

belinda said...

I'll try again

Lucille Ball

Julie said...

I remember as a kid seeing Lucille Ball on the Virginia Graham talk show and being shocked by how much she swore. (I was a rather prudish child.) I would love to see a tape of that today. I'll bet the swearing was sweet nothings by today's standards.

belinda said...

I played this song in two windows simultaneously while hoping for
a white rabbit effect but it didn't happen. :)

Terry Nelson said...


I was just trying to remember who had a daytime talk show when I was younger - Virginia Graham.

belinda said...

Mr. T wrote -"I was just trying to remember who had a daytime talk show when I was younger."

Was it Abe Lincoln?!