Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planes, trains and crappy automobiles.

My activity director and I are going to California
to see our daughter Elizabeth graduate from animation/film school and I'm so excited, I can hardly wait! My blog administrator asked what I wanted to do when we get there and  I told him, "I really wanna go to the cemetery."  Naturally, he scoffed and asked, "What for, are you kidding?"  Nooooo, I'm not kidding, who wouldn't wanna hike through a cemetery?! but not at night because it's really creepy. I'm not much of a movie fan anyway so my kid left home to make movies to annoy her mother and I'm not a fan of actors either but I am a big fan of Elizabeth and cemeteries.
I cashed my teeny tiny ginormous check from the election office and  said to my banker, "I'm going on vacation,  I'm so excited, I need to get some cash for stereo cards or view master reels!  meals. He began to live vicariously though our conversation and excitedly he asked, "Where are you going on vacation!" I replied, "Watts" and he said, "Where" and I said, "Watts!, and again he asked, "Where", and again I said, "Watts!! Watts!!Watts! as the black man sitting next to me couldn't stop laughing because our pasty white banker had no idea of what I was talking about though now in retrospect,  I'm glad I  didn't  mention the cemetery, or Compton.
Here's an email from an NBC page who's discussing the rules of the Jay Leno show with me.

Bring a copy of the front and back of her (Elizabeth's) drivers license with you when you attend the show, and you should be able to use the same reservation (Which Elizabeth secured under her name.)You may have your cell phone on you but it must be turned off and kept completely out of sight until you leave our studio at the end of the day. Cell phone usage is strictly prohibited in our studio and that rule is heavily enforced.

NBC Page

Okay, thank you for your speedy response. I can't wait to see the show! (I also noticed my hypocrisy) So photos of Jay and I are strictly prohibited? Darn :(
 How then,  will my blogger buddies believe me when I say I was there- with Jay!  It's kinda like when a tree falls in the forest with no one to hear it. Was I really there? 
She sent no reply, honestly, I don't think she cares about my blogger buddies as much as I do.
I hope I run into Ben Stein, but not with my car.
I've thought about getting tickets for the "Price is right." I really need a new car but I don't wanna  win a showcase full of crap,  a pontoon boat with a complimentary severe sunburn ( Sara,I'm scared of the water), or a trip to a ski lift  in Samoa.
I'm looking forward to mass at the cathedral in L.A., I like puppets, dancing and face painting,(again with the hypocrisy - just kidding), watching the sunrise on Venice beach, with entertaining half naked drug users  Forest lawn,  criminals- in the distance, people making fun of me in Spanish, GPS position # 34.14472-118.31762 (Guess who's buried there!), laughing at my blog administrator who'll be wearing his tube socks with elastic shorts pulled up to his man nipples,  hiking behind Griffith park, the Griffith observatory with Leonard Nimoy, tamales, Randy's donuts, Roscoe's chicken and waffles (I said Waffles Vincenzo!!) and meeting Elizabeth's mentor Candace who I have great affection for. (She created  the visual part for  the music video, "Take on me".)
My activity director threatened to put me on a train if I throw up beside him on the plane. I'm still gonna throw up but I'm counting on him being too poor to put me on a train back to Kansas. I'm a pain in the ass.


Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you a great trip. If you get caught in an earthquake, try to have the presence of mind to get it on video. And remain calm so there are no "f" bombs with the pics. Too bad you're not going by train instead of flying, but that's just my preference. I like my trips to be more entertraining.

Julie said...

Oh, lucky you!
I love Ben Stein and cemeteries too!
(Jay Leno,, not so much) Oh, you will have a great time!
Just watch out for the pit bull poop in Watts. My son's neighborhood in Brooklyn is almost as notorious, but that's the main hazard most of the time.

ignorant redneck said...

I need an ethusiastic thumbs up icon for comments1

3puddytats said...

Belinda--you GOTTA put your toe in the Pacific Ocean, just to say you did..but fair is COLD ..even in the summer..lots of teeny weeny swimsuits --after all--this IS California :)

Compton is NOT a nice part of me on this one...

I LUV the LA Cathedral :) Do not miss the tapestries....they are GORGEOUS.

Sara--CA girl in exile

belinda said...

Mr.Cliff, If you hear my kids arguing while I'm gone, tell 'em to knock it off.
I wont say the "F" word... unless you mean the word "FUN!" but I probably wont use that word either.

I believe my trip will be very entertaining but If I have to endure an earth quake, I'm gonna blame you because you brought it up.
Julie, I feel the same way as you do about Jay. I can't think of any guest who I would be excited to see on his show, Except for Elizabeth! hahaha

I will watch out for the crap and I'll take lots of photos. Apparently, Hollywood is full of crap.
Red, thanks for the enthusiasm. I'm scared to sleep in the ghetto, walk in the ghetto, drive through the ghetto, and leave my kids at home - even though some of them are 30 hahahaha.

- I haven't forgotten the saint post. I still have to tweak it :)
Miss Sara, I couldn't possibly put my big toe in the same water which trickled over from the sea of Japan.

Jellyfish, sharks, melanoma,the criminal element recognizing me as easy prey as the dork from Kansas, spent needles from illegal drug activity, I'll be at the beach long enough to laugh and or cry, pray for some souls and then be on my way.

I know Compton and Watts are not safe places and that's what makes me laugh. Who goes there for vacation? I guess me. hahahaha

Seems to me Sara, your a happy girl when your around water, frozen, or liquidy - your ready for fun..... You'd hate me. hahaha

Jo Anne said...

If you do get to Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels make sure you go downstairs to the crypt!! Very interesting and you'll recognize a few names .... The Cathedral has a nice gift shop too.

Sara is right about the tapestries, they are lovely.....the building, IMHO not so much. It is not what I would have built to bear the name of Our Lady, but, as usual, I wasn't asked. Go figure.

Is Forest Lawn on your itinerary of cemeteries? Here's a link for Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills:

There is also Forest Lawn Glendale.

I heart LA!

belinda said...

Miss JoAnne, Forest lawn of Hollywood hills is on my list. It's the one next to the movie studio. I think when Hollywood is though with another victim, they simply throw 'em over the fence.

I'm hoping to purchase a St. Benedict medal from the gift shop. I feel unprotected without mine.... or is that a feeling of O.C.D? Not sure but I'm postitive, I need some stereo cards, a medal and some chicken with waffles. :)