Saturday, July 2, 2011

God's beautiful creation
By Kate

  People in this society sometimes tend to ignore people who are disabled, and think, "What are they doing here on this planet", but they don't ask themselves, what they can do to make this world a better place for everyone. Sometimes people can be hurtful in their actions or by the things they say.

       For example: People can hurt others by saying something unkind, but they can also hurt another person with their expressions. (Language of their Body): Using hurtful emotions to communicate with each other.

    People with disabilities are very wonderful people. People who are born with a disability are exactly the same people as any other person on this earth. God made every person with a different look, and no two people are exactly the same, inside or outside.  People are beautiful on the outside, but sometimes they can be ugly on the inside.     

          We need to treat other people who have a disabilities the same. God created each person in a special way. We need to treat others with dignity and respect because anyone can make a difference, not just really smart people  but anyone with a kind heart. Unfortunately people don't love each other because of prejudice and hatred.  People are destroying the beauty of humanity and they are not wanting to have people with  disabilities in their lives. So unfortunately, people are being aborted and it is Wrong! People shouldn't take life away that is innocent. It's not theirs to take. 
       God is the director and we are his masterpiece. We are the handiwork of his creation. Our lives need to be directed towards God and we need to learn to love one another, and  accept one another even when people may not want us.

Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated.

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Terry Nelson said...

How beautiful - and it is beautiful because it is true. Thank you.