Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I was speaking with our daughter Elizabeth about which second hand stores are my favorite and I said to her, "The Savers store on 95th street is better than the Goodwill in Shawnee, it always has the best stuff and it's way better than the Salvation army in Lawrence." Elizabeth said, "That's pretty sad when you know which secondhand stores are the best, it's kinda like a hobo who knows which dumpster always has the donuts!"


Julie said...

Got your sense of humor, didn't she?

belinda said...

Where does she think I buy her Christmas presents?

Julie said...

I recently found a recipe for homemade laundry detergent on pinterest.com.
Intrigued, I made up a batch and, combined with the searing death rays of our Maryland sun, it actually worked very well.
My husband became concerned over my inordinate joy with this success. It was easy! It worked! It smelled good! It was so very, very cheap!
Sayonara, Proctor and Gambol!

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty girl, and straight teeth too. I think she has been the recipient of many blessings via the thriftiness of Mom. :)

Lola said...

Now we know why the Good Lord gave you 8 children! They're all prettier than the next!

I am nearly beside myself.

It seems that for some reason, my allergies have been exasperated what with the search for a family dog.

My oldest and I went to the Goodwill and then the local Salvation Army. My eyes swelled up and we both were wheezing. I figured a cat lady from an episode of Hoarders must have made a contribution to the store.


Now where am I going to get the darlings some birthday presents?

Pablo the Mexican said...

your child looks like a beautiful soul...

Hija de gata gattita.


belinda said...

Miss Julie, B-beth is much funnier than I.

Please consider sharing that recipe for the soap. My neighbor made a batch but it didn't work out because she thinks the water tempeture wasn't correct. I was pleased with the outcome and I cleaned my tile floors with it only they were too slippery. I don't see why you couldn't use it for other applications. What do you think? www.reelsaresweet@gmail.com
Mr.Cliff, I consider your comment a compliment.
Lola, I've missed blogging with you. I hope you feel better. Every second hand item we buy gets a thorough cleaning- even the "Dry clean" only stuff go in the wash.
Thank you Pablo :)

belinda said...


3puddytats said...

There was an article on one of the news site of a NY blogger who lived by dumpster diving...only spent like $10 a week, and he was eating GOOD!!

When my brother was in college he worked as a waiter in a fine restaurant..when people would send a dish back to the kitchen that they didnt like it wouldbe put aside for the help rather than thrown out..plus the chef would aslo make up a couple of times the "daily special" and have the help sample it..he was definitely not the typical starving college student..