Friday, February 24, 2012

Last Weekend I snuggled with our boy who had a fever for three days. I was sorry he was sick but I enjoyed spending time with him while not having to chase after him or clean up  one of his numerous homemade invention messes but Now I'm sick and the antibiotics aren't working. I've decided to have a pity party -for myself and I've invited a bunch of legionnaires because I heard they're a lot of fun. (They're Catholic too!) Sadly, the cootie I've got is either Legionnaires disease, Lyme disease or the flu but if it's the flu it's couldn't possibly be the regular flu because my teeth hurt and so do the hairs on my head and legs. (I can't even hold a razor or my favorite sparkly red nail polish wand. )

........Just a sec, I have to rest for a minute....

I look like crap, my hair is matted like my cats rear and I sound like Darth Vader when I breath or speak. I'm a real vision with the doubled up breath right strips over my nose. My skin coloring looks like Edward from those vampire movies.   My house looks like the remains of some sort of KU frat party and I'm pretty sure, I heard my children talking about a coupe. If God is trying to kill me, I wish he would do it faster.

Okay, thanks for listening,..... party amongst yourselves... Perhaps the Legionnaires can form a soul train dance line, that always cheers me up. Well,..... not this time... White people need to stick with what they do best, river dancing and marching.


Pablo the Mexican said...

I'll bet your husband thinks you have never looked sexier!

It's a husband thing.

That video was just too painful to watch.

Hope you get well soon.


belinda said...

That's funny. I'll ask him.