Wednesday, April 18, 2012

 Disclaimer; I woke up around three o'clock this morning and shuffled to my computer to transcribe a very vivid dream that I had experienced. I wrote this down when I was more asleep than awake and then when I woke up again later this morning, I didn't recall much of it at all except for the feelings of pain and joy and I also noticed that it's repetative, oh well.


I dreamt that God let me look into his most sacred heart and feel a portion of what it feels like to be rejected by his beloved creation. I felt the pain of being mocked by souls blaspheming him as he tried to woo them without success. I saw individual people spanning centuries and decades who had rejected his love, people who he desperately tried to make his own but he was continually mocked and rejected. I felt his deep sorrow which was unbearable, simply too much for a human to withstand and comprehend. (I'm sure he watered it all down for me.) I felt a portion of his ache for these lost people though he would try without fail to win their hearts throughout the entirety of their lives and still, the pain of rejection was too much. They're rejection for Gods love was bad enough but then they made fun of him.  He  ached for the love of the lost soul but with the soul who accepted his love, there was an indescribable joy. A kind of joy that only Gods heart has the capacity to contain or express. My mind was able to understand it as - God soars, his heart is simply filled with so much uncontainable joy that he soars in some sort of ecstasy. No matter what, God is always faithful to us and even after we reject him. He's closer to us than our own breath and the only thing he wants from us is our love in  return. 
I wondered where Satan was during all of this, I was told that he was powerless and inconsequential.

It amazes me that God is so tenderly and intimately involved in our lives. If a person could feel the love that God really has for them it would cause them to tremble.

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Cassandra said...

What a wonderful gift is this dream. I pray that God will allow me to have a beautiful dream confirming His love for us. Pray for me as I pray for you sister.