Saturday, December 8, 2012

I don't believe that God minds being worshiped in a way that a particular congregation finds acceptable, depending upon the religion and the wealth of the community. Opulence isn't out of place when worshiping God, though personal luxury for the religious people who serve him, I find unacceptable and offensive. Our worship environment is supposed to be a place which promotes devotion and awe for God, and his glory.

Christs own disciples were upset with Mary Magdalene for anointing Christ with an expensive alabastron bottle of perfume, worth a years wage. Judas, the betrayer, commented indignity to Christ that the perfume should have been sold, and the money used to feed the poor, but Christ replied, " “Why do you bother the woman? For she has done a good deed to Me. “For you always have the poor with you, but you do not always have Me.“For when she poured this perfume on My body, she did it to prepare Me for burial."

We are called to feed the poor among us, but at the same time, we worship God in a way that is appropriate, right and just.. befitting of our creator.

In my opinion, for the most part, mankind has caused the famines, starvation and deaths of the poor. Consider government embargo's which have kept stockpiled food from getting to people who've needed it. North Korea doesn't have a problem with letting their people die from starvation, or from anything else for that matter. This has been the case for certain regions in Africa too.

God has put enough food on this planet for every person. Examine yourselves, look in the backs of your pantry, is there food that has been in there for years? Have you eaten more than your fair share of food today, yesterday? Do you ever go meatless for a day or two? Do you ever fast? Are you overweight ? Do you eat for recreation, or out of boredom or stress ? Do you waste food - straight from the refrigerator, pantry, or plate? Do you pick up food from local restaurants or grocery stores at the end of the day to take to shelters or soup kitchens? Do you donate or work in soup kitchens? Do you gamble your grocery money, or buy drugs with it instead?  Do you ever make do, and eat those crummy leftovers in the frig?

Anyway, if your going to blame God ,why not blame Satan instead because if one exists then so must the other.
 I suppose blaming ourselves isn't part of the picture.

*For my facebook friend who doesn't believe in God though his daughter is an Anton LaVey follower.


Paul Stilwell said...

I agree with what you say here.

Also, a great part of the guilt is on the money-changers who turn money into a tool of impoverishment - and who contract or inflate supply according to their own plans. They profit off of nothing but the manipulation of money, which in turn destroys and perverts the economic transactions of the nations, and turns economies into dog-eat-dog schemes. They literally rule through the manipulation of money.

It is through the manipulation of money that most of the world's wealth has been aggregated into the hands of the few.

The great churches happen through donation. The great banks and other like institutions happen through the impoverishment of others.

When was the one time that Jesus became physically violent? And what happened a few days after that?

belinda said...

Paul, I agree with you. I had forgotten about the people who oppress the poor. I also have forgotten what happened after Christ overturned the moneychangers tables. I will google it now. Thank you, and please pray for my friend who blames the God he doesn't believe in for all of the worlds troubles. I've been praying for him for several years but I'm getting tired. When do I know that it's time move on to someone else?

ignorant redneck said...

The Catholic Church is the worlds largest provider of social services. I think that fact speaks for itself, and proves the poster in question is the product of religious bigotry and an attempt to undermine worship--which is the foundation of charity.

belinda said...

@Red,.... AMEN!

BTW.. Mormans donate tons of food to Catholic charities because Catholics have an excellent system of networking.

belinda said...

@Red,.... AMEN!

BTW.. Mormans donate tons of food to Catholic charities because Catholics have an excellent system of networking.