Monday, January 7, 2013

I love how this family inconveniences all of the people who surround them. Inconvenience reveals the true nature and character of the people who are being taxed. This is also how a parent acquires patience, which is a learned virtue, and not recessarly an automatic personality trait.

If your using birth control to simplify your life and expand your resources, your making a terrible mistake, and your decisions will effect the outcome of your eternity. 


Lola said...


You ahould have seen how much patience I didn't have this past Christmas. I had people praying for me and I still couldn't wait for it to be OVER.

Not the way I wanted to celebrate Baby Jesus' birth.

I missed you Belinda! I'm so glad you posted something so real and witty.

God Bless you

belinda said...

I sincerely miss you and my other blogger buddies.

I lost my patience with my 19 year old three days ago when she lied to me and told me basically get lost.

I will confess after my flu-ey stuff passes.

Lola said...

If our children could raise themselves we wouldn't be here.

I'm finding watching my friends with older children that they still need us long after they don't think so, and they need us less in other ways.

I'm praying for you.

belinda said...

Thank you, I am looking forward to my judgement day when I learn about the kindness of others and all of the prayers said on my behalf.

As far as the bad stuff that people have said to me or about me, I hope God forgets it all, it doesn't matter.. but the prayers do!!