Saturday, January 26, 2013

Urban dictionary - (My favorite irreverent slacker definition site.) defines the term "Lord of the flies as, "The fall of society and how humans are really animals at heart and when all rules are removed, the "beast" is let loose." 

Personally, I've always thought of that term as another way of defining Satan, Lord of all B.S., real and imagined. I don't consider Obama to be the antichrist the spawn of Satan, though I do think they're close personal friends, well acquainted with one another as their hands are deep within each others pockets, and out of plain view from the general public. They both succumb to illusionary thinking and believe their powers to be greater than they really are, and they can both make you cry really hard.

While you may be thinking, "Unconstitutional" , I'm think delusional." A schizophrenic duo, unable to forsee their own paths meandering down those roads to perdition. I guess they can't see the truth because they have too many flies in their eyes.


Lola said...

You are 'spot on' with thinking satan.

Rabbi Lapin and his wife Susan have a show that talks about the orgin of words in the Hebrew.

"Lord of the Flies" is totally refering to Beelzebub.

"Flies" are attracted to excrement.

It's the nature of evil to be attracted to filth. Really.

belinda said...

Obama scares me, but not at much as Rahm Emanuel, who's name is even creepy. I think Rahm's antichrist contender material.
ra-hm\ as a boy's name is a variant of Ram (Sanskrit, Hebrew), and the meaning of Rahm is "pleasing; supreme".

E·man·u·el [ih-man-yoo-uhl] Show IPA
a male given name: from a hebrew word meaning “God is with us.”