Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oh no! My activity director came home sick from work today. I can't 

remember the last time that's happened, but he doesn't have a 

fever. He's gonna need Jello, Gatorade, 7-up, a back rub, a foot rub 


blanket, special soup for lunch, special crackers, possibly a 

decongestant, a pain reducer of some sort, more Jello, maybe 

homemade chocolate pudding, heated socks, a very long nap, a 

special dinner -not too salty, more Jello (because the first two 

batches won't taste right) another back rub, and the thermostat will 


to be adjusted a dozen times. Maria (Who's also home sick)     

will have to stop watching her Korean dramas  because a new 


has just begun. 

*Oops, I forgot, the man hates blue Jello.

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