Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Discipline doesn't disappoint, in fact it rules.

It's super important to learn how to control your emotions, and desires and to "Master" yourself because our prisons are full of people who were unable to do it for themselves.

Don't ever consider trying to "Master" someone else when you have a speck in your own eye. Trying to control another person is a serious error in judgement. It's a waste of  your energy, time, and emotions, but specifically it's a waste of your life. Quickly learn the differences between a persons personality traits, quirks, and annoying behaviors, and their sins. Sinful behavior should never be accepted, never embraced or encouraged, and always promptly forgiven.   More growth can be accomplished if you set an example and keep yourself quiet and pray to the Holy Spirit to "enlighten" your subject of affection, but don't be surprised if you're the one who "Gets" enlightened instead, because only God can change people, but first we've got to get out of his way. 

(Please either ignore me or indulge me as I write to my children.) 

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