Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mastering God -Myself, not so much.

 My personal confrontations with gay individuals have predominantly been with Priests about their discipline or lack thereof for which I offer no apologies, and in some cases I regret not pressing on but instead I had backed down out of respect for the hands who consecrate. 
 However, I do apologize to every person on the planet whom I've hurt or offended in any way possible by my words or actions or lack of actions in times of need. I regret the thousands of times I've failed to control or master my emotions and have hurt others. I am sincerely humble and contrite, but not because of anyone's personal sexual orientation, but because each and every person I've met came from the mind and heart of God and deserves my love and respect. 

 Do you think I could get an apology  from the gay community for infiltrating my church, indoctrinating my children, and for their general lack of restraint which has caused me emotional distress on numerous occasions?

(Insert offensive gay pride parade or general gay festivities photo here.)


Anonymous said...

Good post.

belinda said...

Thank you for your kind remark.

priestdefender said...

Which priesthood will you defend?

belinda said...

Our Priests of the holy Roman Catholic Church...warts and all. The same church which Christ himself built then handed over to Peter.

Edward Palamar said...

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