Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of the great State of Kansas.

Hey , let's have a little "girl talk". I hear that the State of Kansas has a 186, 000, 000 dollar short-fall, and I noticed that our State Capitol is a complete mess inside ,and out. It's kinda creepy to see the State capitol front doors boarded up with plywood. I will tell you that your troubles are FAR greater than you know or are apparently able to comprehend. You should reconsider the way that you have dealt with our Archbishop. You should reconsider your relationship with (Uncle) George. You should stop thinking about your opportunities in the "Obama" administration , and focus more upon your eternal soul. Your "Catholic" right? So what's up with you ,and George Tiller? Do you know how many babies that those hands that your shaking have murdered. Haven't you given birth to children , haven't you made the connection in your brain that the life that was created within you was created from the mind of God , for God, and that you have no right to procure ways to kill life. How can you betray your faith, your God , little Kansans, and your own womanhood. I am praying for your conversion. I am so frightened for you ,and for your salvation. Say, do you go to communion? I don't understand Catholics who have benefited from wonderful Catholic educations who then use it against the people who educated them. You have betrayed many people , and on many different levels. I am so disappointed in you. I think that I may mail you a "naughty mat" so that you can sit ,and think.
*Here is a photo of our Governor Kathleen Sebelius with George Tiller- our State's late term abortion provider.

Kathleen there is still hope for you, but your time is running out.

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