Friday, January 9, 2009

Modern day mortification, Belinda walks?

Paul filled the tire with air and he's hopeful that I'll make it to the tire shop - yeah, me too. I have been to the tire shop so many times that "Tim" the tire man, and I know each other on a first name basis, and he also knows our older children. Tim always makes comments about how much the children look like me, while the actual man who changes my tire listens to ABBA (real loud) while he's working. He's a big scruffy guy with tire prints all over his clothes. I happened to mention to him some ABBA joke that he did not appreciate - he really likes ABBA so don't mess with him. I thought to myself- geese if ABBA is what it takes for this guy to get through his day then I should just leave him alone. Maybe he can show Anni-Frid Lyngstad how to wink properly. I hope that this tire situation is resolved quickly. Otherwise I will have to hitch a ride with Leo, and that crazy girl from yesterdays post - to confession.


DionysiosD said...

A TIRE repair man who likes ABBA? Not just likes but is fanatical. Something is wrong there. I'm just sayin'.

I just got new tires last December before I had to drive over 12 mountain passes in white-out snow conditions to Carson City to attend a workshop. Out there your tires go out, there ain't no cell phone service and as the movie title says "The Hills Have Eyes". Out in nature with the jackrabbits, coyotes and the mutants downwind from the Nevada test site.

I really really like my tires, but will have to replece them come this December because of all the mileage. I was thinking I will need a new Pick-up, but if Ford goes bankrupt will they still make the F150, which is the ONLY decent pickup out there? Out here in pick-up-truck land, there ain't no way you can get around in one of them sissy-prissy Prius hybrids in the snow. Never mind in Texas when you have to get out of town quick if a hurricane is a comin'.

DionysiosD said...

The tires were purchased in December 2007 not 2008.

belinda said...

Don't mess with my tire guy. He works with lug wrenches. When I walked into his work space , I burst out loud laughing - big mistake. I said something like -"Who listens to ABBA"? Whilst he held very intimidating equipment.

I know about those mutants, we have those here in Kansas.
I seriously think that sin
mutant-fies a person. Hey - just like Lord of the rings !

BTW, I rode along a mountain pass once ,and I will try to never do that again. I was terrified . You do have to have the absolute best tires .
And about that test site, I had such a big argument with Paul just before he went to that site. He kept saying to me. It's perfectly safe. Well of course it is!

belinda said...

I think that from now on , I will refer to an unrepentant sinner as a mutant. Now would that be a sin?