Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mr.Misery, loves company.... and I was great company too!

I put something together for my entertainment director to wear for a party that we went to last night and he looked fabulous, but yikes , what a grumpy attitude.
In fact his attitude was rather Grinch like if you ask me. (What a freaky role reversal.)
I had a great time even though the food was terrible and cost us about $60.00.
I went with pre -conceived ideas about some of the people which was sinful on my part.
The person who I thought that I would like the least was my favorite person to talk with during dinner. The man was surprisingly very conservative and as he began to irritate another woman in our party with his views , I laughed out loud and said , "oh, well she doesn't like you very much, but she still likes me and the man said ,"well that's because you haven't said much yet. I said ,"I really don't need to say anything because with me having eight kids that pretty much screams conservative dont you think?"
Then the people at the table nodded in agreement.
(I love Democrats, they're deeply caring people . They're also charming , funny and delusional.)

*I had a lot of trouble narrowing down the perfect ensemble for my blog administrator/entertainment director, but I finally chose the one below on the far left with the extra long collar because it was so cold outside and he would be able to wrap it around his neck a couple of times for added warmth.

I usually bring this guy (anxiety) with me where ever I go , but I left him in the car this time , though he taunted me again when I got back into the car. I really hate him.


anabanana said...

hahaha mom, You are so funny! and I miss you!

belinda said...

I miss you too Ana. I am anxious for you and your sister to come home for Christmas. I will bake something special for you. Tell me what you would like to eat. Tomorrow will be a baking day.
Love you, Mom

anabanana said...

I'll eat whatever you cook, and I'll like it! anything's better than Catholic food! :) BTW I saw the new Disney princess movie and it was awesome!!!! except for the bad guy was a little too creepy....

belinda said...

Catholic food??
You got the recipe for that?

Enbrethiliel said...


Belinda, just looking at your 'Blog Administrator's ensembles has made my day! Hilarious! =)

anabanana said...

A glass of water. A crust of bread.

belinda said...

and a package of Ramen noodles for 17c

Poor Ana :(