Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Going Postal

I drove to the post office to figure out what kind of items I would be allowed to mail to our daughter in California.
Since she doesn't own a car, I think that she has been going without many necessities and not saying anything to us because she's a very independent person.

When I arrived at the post office, there were 18 people in line for postal services , but there was only one postal worker. The woman who got in line behind me said Jesus's name in vain so I automatically had a strong dislike for her... Then as another woman was being helped with her packages she began to lose her temper, then she turned to her captive audience and said, " Is anyone else mad about the extraordinarily long wait?" followed by , "this is ridiculous." Clearly she was angry and in physical pain due to the fact that she was exceedingly overweight.
( I know that some poor folks can't help it !)
Of course several people piped in but then I forgot myself and said , "You think this is bad? Just wait till we have government run health care!" As soon as I realized what I had said, I wished that I hadn't. No one said anything after that and you could feel the uncomfortable tension and awkward silence in the crammed and overly heated room. I considered for a moment how awful that non-compliant woman must have been feeling due to her physical limitations and how her sin effected everyone else in the room . I thought about the countless times that my sins have hurt other people and in various ways-- some of which are still unknown to me and then I sorta felt sick and most certainly ashamed. The postal worker was also rude, impatient and absolutely no help at all, so I drove to another post office where they helped me figure out my postal issues.

But for a few minutes I thought about a government run health care program .
The people who wont feel very well are sometimes going to be jerks yet others will do frightening things , especially if their children or loved ones are sick. Some poor souls wont feel well enough to wait in lines while other people will feel entitled and think that lines are beneath them and don't forget that MANY people carry concealed weapons. Even I have toyed with the idea many times,( with proper training and papers) but I have never been able to decide - perhaps I have already decided.

Now I have a Jr. Blog administrator named Ana, and she said that my grammar is poor and I say "and" too much. Go figure.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Belinda: This is your greatest post ever. We are all sinners and no better than anyone else. I struggle to remember that myself.

There is a difference between rage and annoyance. You are not at rage. Seek absolution and forgive yourself. It happens.

belinda said...

Thank you Cathy for your kind words.