Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Every morning I pray a Rosary with our children in the car on our way to school. We pray for our daughter Elizabeth and ask that God will keep her safe and protect her from the Cali-creepers.(California pervs but this term encompasses all forms of creepiness and personal safety in the form of natural disasters.) We ask God to please send her a car and a computer both of which she desperately needs and lastly we pray as earnestly as possible that God will send her a creative job of quality work and we always end with, "Please God, no sponge bob square pant as an example of what we don't want to see her creating, please send her quality work!" Then we end our prayer with a thank you..
I just spoke with Elizabeth  on the phone and she started laughing when I shared our family prayer with her. She said, "Mom I have to go because I have a meeting with the creator of sponge bob in twenty minutes."
My reply was to her as follows.......

*This post was not a joke, she really did have a meeting with the guy.

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