Monday, September 27, 2010

I've been complaining about urban renewal lately as I watched an old building from the 1950's get torn down this past week. It was an architecturally cool building with a rim of old teal blue tiles around the front facade and a super cool curved glass entrance. I thought it would have had a lot of potential but unfortunately the person who owns it now had no appreciation for it and tore it down.
(Clearly we need more artists because the rest of you are making the world around us really  uninspiring and BORING. )

Don't even get me started on the myriad of deconstruction  reconstruction projects within our Holy Catholic church. It makes me nauseous to think about it - seriously. As a person with O.C.D. I would like for everything to remain as the artists and designers had intended their project to look like from the beginning - true to form in colors and in style.
Once I  attended a Mass in Wisconsin after the church had apparently been remodeled and the 1890's architecture was sabotaged with a make under that made it look like a funeral parlor from the 1960's but yet the work was done in the late 1990's !

What's wrong with these people? If you cant do it - that's fine concede and find someone else who can.
I'm not good at math but your not gonna find me trying to balance the budgets in some government accounting office.


Lola said...

I think you'd probably do better at balancing the government budget than they're doing right now!

Back when I was in Historic Preservation/Museum Studies, we called most 'remodeling' Re-muddling. Preservation news even had a monthy re-muddling contest. Oh the tears.

Did you get a photo of that teal blue trimmed building before it met it's fate?

belinda said...

Nope, I assumed they were making it better not making it go away.