Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Buster. I'll be beyond disappointed if your not in heaven when I die and even if I should end up in hell. God have mercy on your soul and on the souls of those who you love.
BTW. This is one of my favorite movies and the remastered Kino version is amazing.


Julie said...

That "fitting room"scene--you wonder how much was blocked out beforehand and how much was improvised as they went along.
Thanks, Belinda.

belinda said...

The kino CD is very clear. It is delightfully clear. I love looking at the cars, clothing and the buildings. The youtube version is so distressed that it's hard to enjoy.

I wonder how much was made up on the spot too. I think later the studio took all of the spotinaity and his creativity suffered.

*I don't have spell check on my kids computer.

*In the kino version it looks like he's really naked which makes you squirm all the more as the women swim by.