Monday, October 4, 2010

While my son ate his breakfast I discovered that he threw one of his sweaters into the trash so I asked him, "Why on earth did you throw this away!?" He said indigently, "Because our neighbor wore it when she got cold and I don't wear things that other people have worn before. I said, "Look mister we don't throw clothing away and everything you have ever worn or owned has been worn by somebody else before you got it and if you threw everything of yours away that has been  pre-worn you'd be sitting there eating breakfast and going to school in your underwear.

He sat there stunned and in silence for about 15 minutes.
 Sometimes it takes a few moments to come to terms with the reality of your life. 
 Hey, and it's only just begun!

You can scratch off matches, it's not going to happen.

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Lola said...

I have an aquaintance who was desperately poor due to her husbands illness. (They were not quite on 'disablitiy').

She refused to wear 'trift store' clothing.

"I'd let my children run naked before I'd put them in used clothing!" she'd say.

I felt really sorry for her children.


I love the 'Boys List"!