Sunday, January 30, 2011

This is a video of John Clark Gable who was born on March 20th 1961- four months after the death of his father.  He was baptised in 1961 but I don't understand why the baptism was held outside. I think this film clip is strange.


Pablo the Mexican said...

“…I don't understand why the baptism was held outside…”

Very funny, Mrs. Belinda.

Catholic Baptisms begin at the front entrance to the Church.

The Rite of Baptism

Part I

Outside the Church

The priest (wearing a violet stole), sponsors, and the catechumen stand in the narthex of the church, symbolizing that at this point, the candidate is not a member of the Church.

The Questioning

Priest: N., what do you ask of the Church of God? Priest: N., quid petis ab Ecclesia Dei?

Sponsor/Catechumen: Faith.

Sponsor/Catechumen: Fidem.

Priest: What does Faith offer you? Priest: Fides, quid tibi præstat?

Sponsor/Catechumen: Life everlasting. Sponsor/Catechumen: Vitam æternam.

Priest: If then you desire to enter into life, keep the commandments. ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart and with thy whole soul and with thy whole mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.'

Priest: Si igitur vis ad vitam ingredi, serva mandata. Diligis Dominum Deum tuum ex toto corde tuo, et ex tota anima tua, et ex tota mente tua, et proximum tuum sicut teipsum.

The Exsufflation

The priest then breathes 3 times on the candidate in the form of a Cross, recalling the Spirit (breath, wind, "ruach") of God.

Priest: Go forth from him (her), unclean spirit, and give place to the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. Priest: Exi ab eo (ea), immunde spiritus, et da locum Spiritui Sancto Paraclito.

The Sign of the Cross

The priest now makes the Sign of the Cross with his thumb on the candidate's forehead and breast.

Priest: Receive the Sign of the Cross both upon your forehead + and also upon your heart +; take to you the faith of the heavenly precepts; and so order your life as to be, from henceforth, the temple of God.

Priest: Accipe signum Crucis tam in fronte, quam in corde, sume fidem cælestium præceptorum: et talis esto moribus, ut templum Dei iam esse possis.

Priest: Let us pray: Mercifully hear our prayers, we beseech Thee, O Lord; and by Thy perpetual assistance keep this Thine elect, N, signed with the sign of the Lord's cross, so that, preserving this first experience of the greatness of Thy glory, he (she) may deserve, by keeping Thy commandments, to attain to the glory of regeneration. Through Christ our Lord.

Priest: Oremus: Preces nostras, quaesumus, Domine, clementer exaudi; et hunc electum tuum (hanc electam tuam), N. crucis Dominicae impressione signatum (-am), perpetua virtute custodi; ut magnitudinis gloriae tuae rudimenta servans, per custodiam mandatorum, ad regenerationis gloriam pervenire mereatur (-antur). Per Christum Dominum nostrum.

Sponsor/Catechumen: Amen.

Sponsor/Catechumen: Amen.

And on unto conclusion.

It is good you have posted this that people may take a good look at Baptism.

Modern Catholics have diluted the words of Baptism.

This might have more dangerous consequences than it has good; we should not give way to Satan.

There were many public sinners in attendence; that is probably why the video flash forwrds to people exiting the Mass.

The good Padre did not permit filming in the Church.

This is also a good reminder for us to have a Mass said and offer a few Hail Marys for the Priest that Baptized us.


Julie said...

Strangely startling to see Marilyn Monroe in a black dress.
And wow, suddenly I want to buy a hat.

3puddytats said...

Didn't Marilyn convert to Judiasm?? Interesting that she would attend a Catholic baptism...


belinda said...

Okay so here's what I understand, they had a mass and went inside and then after the mass had the baptism outside?

I've never been to a baptism outside and all of my babies had been baptised at the alter in the front of the church. I thought that's how it was supposed to be done.

I thought perhaps it was held outside because maybe the mother - Mr.Gables fifth wife wasn't allowed inside or something- I honestly didn't know.

There's so much I don't know and so little time.

BTW. Why do you think those other bloggers follow me anyway? Don't they understand that I don't know anything?

Julie said...

Oh, but you know the important stuff, sweetie.

belinda said...


X said...

I was baptizd outside the church proper in the foyer. It was not done at Mass. That was 1964 and it was the regular way to do things back then.

belinda said...

So if the system wasn't broke then why did they mess with a good thing?

Can you imagine what would happen if I went to the super bowl and said, "Listen up everybody, I wanna make some meaningful changes."

I think they'd kill me in the parking lot - and for real!

This adopted faith of mine isn't what I had expected. In fact I mention all of the similarities to protestantism and my lamenting falls upon on deaf ears, either at Mass or in the car on the way home.

I just wanna be a Catholic is that so hard?!