Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ana saved a young mans life who had a seizure in the pool this week. I'm so proud of her. I would've  ignored the  teen who went completely still. I have the idea that if a kid is being good, quiet,
or better yet -still,  then you don't bother them. Thank God  Ana thought otherwise.
Ana -1


Anonymous said...


Julie said...

Kudos to Ana!

3puddytats said...

When I was lifeguarding years ago I rescued two folks in trouble--one little kid who hit his head on the diving board and went straight to the bottom of the pool...another case when a massively overweight gentleman has a massive heart attack.

The kid survived...

Ana will never forget her experience. It is a big knock on the head on how fragile human life is.


PS I'm coloring Easter eggs today using the Earth Day process..what fun!! I need to do this more often!!

Lola said...

Bravo Ana!

In about 100 years from now, what you did will be one of those things that people will remember.

I remember being really impressed with Reagan just for the Lifeguard score when I found out about it just a few years ago.

We colored eggs today with those 'store-bought' dye kits. Even tho I have the vinegar and food coloring in the cupboard. Sigh.

It's a good think I have a carpet cleaner. Dudley's did a dye job on my kitchen chair pad.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Ms. Belinda. Thanks for all the laughs and tears and insights you provide on your blog. Please also thank your blog administrator as well.

Happy Easter to you and your whole dear family!

belinda said...

Tears Georgette! Please tell me I haven't made anyone cry!

Happy Easter to you too!

Consider reading my next post it's for all of my blogger buddies!

Ana is always complaining that her body doesn't look like twiggy or one of those skinny models- who we feel obligated to look like. I've been telling Ana for years that God gave her the body she needs to get through this life. God gives us the bodies we need to fulfill our vocations.( I believe) It was interesting because I said, "Ya, know Ana if you weren't as strong and muscular as you are, you wouldn't have been able to save that kid." The dots are finally coming together in her head.

Lola said...

I think if she's strong and healthy she must look quite a bit like Ester Williams!


Now that I'm older, skinny doesn't look so good.
(Fat doesn't either.)

Skinny ole ladies are sad and frail looking.