Monday, April 25, 2011

With over 6 billion people on the planet  and a variety of medias competing for our attention,  I'm always  flattered -  honored  really, when ever people stop by my blog to visit.  I love my blogger buddies and I pray for those 45 people who for some reason - known only to God, chose to follow my blog. 

To me, catholic bloggers fill a void of common sense, and  fidelity  that's becoming harder to find in the real world but  because we're never going to get back the time we've spent blogging together, I hope you  feel as though your time with me was also well spent. 

I'm wishing each of you an Easter season full of joy as we contemplate how it is that our savior was willing to endure such a horrible death on our behalf. How incomprehensible the gulf of of love, passion, and forgiveness he has for each and every one of us. Who could measure the depth of  his love? 

How great a wound to the Holy Spirit when he's rejected-  an  open wound that can never be replaced by another soul, what a terrible blow to the most sacred heart of Jesus especially after all that he's done for us.
We don't have enough Catholics yet.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a nicely worded Easter greeting. Got my attention too, 'cuz at first I thought you might be signing off from blogging. Oh, and you might be interested in a post I did about drowning.

Julie said...

I deeply appreciate your blog AND your prayers. I always pray for you and your family at adoration likewise.
You deliver a good spiritual kick in the pants and make me laugh at the same time.
Consider yourself hugged.

belinda said...

Cliff, I've written like that before and I consider it to be rude - to construct my words in such a way as to make people wonder if I'm leaving or not, I didn't realize I was writing like that- again.

That drowning link was scary.

Julie, Thank you for your prayers and kind words. I appreciate it very much. Thanks for the hug!

3puddytats said...

Belinda--when I lifeguarded in a large city pool in SoCal, you learned real quick what was "drowning" and what was kids (and adults) messing around...

My pool had a rule that if you looked like you were under 12 you had to be able to swim across the pool and back in front of a lifeguard before you could go on the other side of the rope that was strung across the 5 foot section. The first couple of weeks the pool was open you had these brave little kids lining up to test who hadn't swum all winter...they'd get about half way across and under thye'd go..the lifeguard would dive in and fish them up...they'd maybe swallow a couple mouthsfuls of water but ALL of them would agree that they would have to spend a bit more time in the shallow end..

At my pool the three years I was there we didn't have a drowning, but we did have at least "accident" a week, usually falls, injuries, losing toenails, etc. Adults having heart attacks were common. Swimming is hard work.

The most satisfying job I ever had...teaching people how to swim..something they will enjoy the rest of their lives...


belinda said...

Sara, I swim like I dance. Could you teach me how to dance too?

3puddytats said...

Belinda--heheh..I don't dance very well but I DO swim :)

Actually teaching adults is VERY hard..90 percent is often overcoming a drilled-in fear of the water that was hammered into them by some well-meaning parent. I remember one older lady in the two weeks of daily hour lessons at the end she could FINALLY get her head under water. I don't think she ever learned how to swime but at least she could wade around in the shallow end with her grandkids and have some fun..when she started she wouldn't even get near the edge to splash her feet inthe water..