Wednesday, April 20, 2011

“My Jesus, let my sacrifice burn before Your throne in all silence, but with the full force of love, as I beg You to have mercy on souls. - Sister Faustina
I love her.
Just think, she could of prayed, "Please God save me, save MEEEE" but she didn't and even at a risk to her own spiritual well being by praying for others instead of herself. Though salvation without Christ is impossible, it's when your concerned and preoccupied for the redemption and salvation of other souls that you in fact, seal the fate of your own.


Julie said...

And it breaks my heart when I read in her diary how they stick her in the infirmary and basically ignore her there for long stretches of time.
Yet she harbors no grudges.
I'd be mad as you-know-what

ignorant redneck said...

Dear Lady,

Be advised, while this has nothing to do with this post,that you have started something, and there is a new Meme, for which you have been tagged!

belinda said...

Yes, Mr.Red as I ponder my answer,
I don't have a lot of information to go on. It's thin and airy inside of my brain and I'm nearly dizzy from all of the excitement.

Julie, I didn't know she was treated poorly. I would have assumed as much. Isn't Satans favorite pastime sending tormentors to great men and women of God?