Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I don't understand football ,or Catholicism.

I have been thinking about football, and how excluded I have been. This has been a source of pain for me.
Why aren't women allowed to play? And , because my thinking has become so delusional ,I would like to expound on this, and some similar thoughts.

I would like to see the football players turn and play facing the crowd. I want to see the game played twice, once for for the English crowd, and once in Spanish.I want to feel more like a part of the action. I would shorten the field ,because it is just too far to run, and we would have shorter game times too! I want to eliminate the National Anthem because it is so old fashioned. I think that we could attract more people with "cooler" songs. I would send Peter, Paul , and Mary to the field. They could sing something to make me feel good about myself ,and the game. I would like to change the wardrobe for the crowds , maybe something shorter, hipper, strappier, or maybe something with plunging neck lines. Now that would attract even more people to my games !

Rules make me uncomfortable ,and I would like to change some of those too. In fact I would put them all on the table for review . I then would keep the ones that I liked , and ditch the ones that I don't like. It would all be about "feeling good, and about myself" ,very little about the game , oh, and it would be about the fellowship with the other fans too. I would allow all forms of dance, so that people are allowed the freedom of expression , with jubilation in their hearts, either after, or during the game. I would allow people to bring their own snacks, and leave their trash under the benches too. People could talk during my games !! I would send the football commissioner down to the field to explain the new rules.

Now if you loved the game the way it was before then that's just too bad for you isn't it? Could the football commissioner not see that some people would take these changes rather poorly? Those loyal hardcore football fans would be devastated. Is the game broken, and in need of repair ?

I am being so silly, I humbly summit to the football commissioners ,and I will follow their rules. I am a loyal and faithful fan until death ,and maybe after.

Seriously , I don't understand my beloved church, or it's people. It is not my intention to commit blasphemy here with this comparison, but it is the only way that my human brain could explain how I feel. People wouldn't allow this to happen for a stupid football game , but it happened(s) to my church. As a convert I still don't get this. Why did it happen?
FYI , I go to Novus Ordo Masses , even an ignorant convert such as myself can see that some of this stuff isn't okay.

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