Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ah, blogging back in the good ol' days.

When I view my blog , I am suprised that there seems to be no order- only chaotic thoughts going full speed ahead ,and in different directions. I guess that's how my life really is- I am pulled in many different directions ,and all at once.
Thoughts of God, family ,art, history, science, food, music,(limited news now) it's just all swirling around in there, and it's not in any sort of pattern or specific order. This blog has mimicked flashes, images, and ideas that I am continually sorting through. I sort of just bow ,and bend with the wind, going where I feel and in no particular direction for long. I have always been this way.

Oh, I just figured it out, I am a woman, I multi-task, and I can now visually see that.
On paper my brain just looks crazy to me.

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