Thursday, November 13, 2008

This post sounds like one of those sick twisted friendship wanted ads in the "Special" section of the newspaper.

I like pink clothes, makeup,and soft sweaters.I never ever carry a purse , not since 7th grade. I hate to be vulnerable. I think high heels are stupid too. What a dumb idea - walking around, on your tip toes. Gosh, I want to be able to run if necessary.
You've all seen the movies where during a crisis run(from a zombie, ghost,or maybe a few KGB agents, *fill in the blank here) ,a woman will fall, and you yell at the T.V. screen..... geese lady -your a real pain in the ass! Get up!
You all know what I am talking about. I always thought.........Leave her, she's not prepared for squat!!! Besides maybe the pursuers would then have some sort of level of satisfaction....

But in real life I would risk my life for you ,especially if your very small, and unborn. AND in a teeny-tiny heart beat too.

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