Thursday, November 27, 2008

Girlie, "Chem-trails"

When I was a little girl, my Mother would occasionally take me to the hair salon. When Mom would open the front door- a chemical "hair spray"- " puff cloud" would float from inside of the building outward drifting pass the sidewalk , and into the street . The air was thin inside , because of the cigarette smokers, the hair sprays, the coloring bottles ,and the chemical straighteners it was suffocating , but you wanted to stay and watch all of the women, and listen to them gossip- they knew stuff that you didn't.
As an adult, when ever I walk into a salon , and smell the toxic hair products , I still get excited. It puts a smile on my face. The only problem is that now -for me, it takes "WAY" more chemical products to get the same job done.


Vincenzo said...

That smell used to gross me out when I was a kid. Imagine.. a boy being dragged to those places, and then waiting for women (grandma, mom, sister) in malls to try on tons of clothes, *in every single department*, was so boring. I wanted to get to the toy stores!

Adrienne said...

I remember my husband walking into my salon (I did hair for 25 years) and making some crack about the smell of perm solution. I explained to him that what he was really smelling was the sweet smell of money.

He caught on reeeeeeal fast and learned to love the smell too.

belinda said...

The last time I walked into a salon, I loudly exclaimed, smell those wonderful chemicals !
Something pretty is about to
hap--pen!! People either laughed, or rolled their eyes at me , either way people are usually disarmed by my humor. Or revolted by it.
I wanna live like those people who are mentally challenged,- they are in their own happy world, and the worse that the world gets the more that I disengage.