Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let's get ready to ''Rumble". Nope, I'll pray for you instead. I ain't gonna play this game anymore!!

The pies are baked. The cake is frosted, and
the cranberry sauce is done. The turkey is finished.
We are finally ready for this holiday- bring it on.
-So let the "Head Games" begin.
This is way better than say "bingo", or "scrabble," This game isn't for whimpy types , you gotta think hard, and play fast.
With this game you get to figure out what the other guy (or girl) is thinking ,
and worse yet "what they meant by what they said !" This game is even more exciting when snarky , or overt nasty comments are made. Topping it off with some interesting body language .
I hate"head" games. In fact I wont play them anymore.
The people that use to play this game with us have died. Or they've became real Catholic Christians.
How sad would it be to actually die , and then the people that you lived with are less stressed ,
and experience less pain in their lives. Emotional pain is real pain.
We don't do this any more.
With everything there is only a season.
(This is a photo of a "Catholic- cowgirl" . I know this because her blouse is cut low, and her skirt is very short, and I think I may have seen her before at "Mass". )

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