Saturday, November 22, 2008

It will be non-negotiable
You can't argue your way out.
You can't beg your way out.
You can't pay your way out.
You can't work your way out.
You can't plot your way out.
You can't sleep with the right people to get out.
Knowing the right people will not save you.
Reading the right books will not save you.
(except for the Holy Bible)
There is no "in" crowd there .
There is no loyalty.
There is no love.
There is no forgiveness.
There is no Peace.
There is no laughter.
There is no joy.
There is only betrayal.
There is only hatred.
There is only anger.
There is only injustice.
There is only chaos.
There is only insanity.
There is only disease.
And guess what - you will get to take your body with you at some point, which will make this all the more hellish.
* Matthew 7- 14 How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it!


Vincenzo said...

Thanks for the reminder! (I need it). Many people don't like to discuss these things.

belinda said...

Yesterday was perv day at my blog. They were deleted, but disturbing.

Remember when Abraham questioned God, and said would you spare Sodom for just 10 worthy souls?

What would the ratio be now?
1 outta ten, or less.

BTW, I sure enjoy your blog , your photos are so funny,but your revealing your age. Few remember that LBJ picked up his dog by the ears. OH MY- wouldn't PETA have a coronary today!!!!!