Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am considering -repairing the "Santa Suit" in front of the children for the "holiday hell" that they've put me through. :O

Joseph just told me that Santa probably isn't going to bring me any presents for Christmas because my music is too loud, and it's disturbing his "Elf" movie. As far as he's concerned , "Thanksgiving " was simply "Christmas" kick off day . Paul bought him ,and his sister Rose, a train that runs around the Christmas tree, and Joseph especially LOVES it . Boy am I glad too , cause I wont have to see the boy all day now. ;)
( I sit 9 feet from the boy ,and I listen to him ramble about stuff for hours - and we're on day two now.)
From now on everytime that these kids get into a fight over something stupid with a sibling , they're gonna clean something. I bought extra Windex ,and paper towels just for the holiday. We're gonna skip the naughty mat altogether.

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