Saturday, November 15, 2008

I found this in my coupon section of my "Sunday" paper, and I gasped.


Fast. Accurate. Confidential.
"When she informed me that I was a dad, I had to know if the child was actually mine. IDENTIGENE sent me a kit, I followed the simple instructions, sent the lab samples back and days later, received the DNA results telling me that the child was mine. I can finally look into her eyes and feel at ease knowing I did the right thing." –Tim McCoy

At Identigene a DNA Test is simple, affordable, accurate, and reliable. With your DNA Paternity Test kit you can collect DNA samples at home without involving a lawyer or doctor. And now Identigene is available at your local pharmacy.

Once samples are collected you send them back to IDENTIGENE for testing. Paternity test results may be available in as little as three business days from the day your samples arrive at the DNA testing laboratory. You choose how your DNA Test results are sent to you. You can view your report online, receive the results over the phone, and/or have the report mailed to you.
Finding peace of mind with a DNA Test is simple. First, find a store with the Identigene Paternity Test Kit or order your DNA Collection Kit online. You can then collect your DNA samples in the privacy of your own home. Return the DNA Test kit after it has been completed and within a few business days of its receipt at the DNA Testing Laboratory you could have results.
While the IDENTIGENE personal DNA paternity testing kit is not intended for legal purposes you can upgrade the purchase of the personal DNA Paternity Test to legal by contacting our client support team at 888-404-4363. IDENTIGENE is an industry leader and maintains accreditations through governing bodies including the AABB and ISO 17025 required for Legal Paternity Testing in the United States and elsewhere. Whether you need this DNA Test for legal purposes or just for peace of mind rest assured IDENTIGENE DNA test results are the most accurate available.
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DNA Testing with IDENTIGENE is fast, easy, and accurate. Start by ordering a DNA Test Collection Kit online or buying at the store. Collect DNA samples from each participant, Alleged Father, Child, and Biological Mother (it is strongly recommended to include the mother; learn why), using the safe and effective cheek swabs provided in the kit. Send the samples to IDENTIGENE using the postage-paid return envelope or via express courier.You choose how results are reported: Access your DNA test for paternity results online using the email address and results password you provide on the order form. You can also access your results over the phone (password required) and/or have a hard copy of the test results mailed directly to you.
Purchase a DNA Test Collection Kit online or at the store.
Collect DNA cheek cell samples from the Alleged Father and Child.
Send DNA test kit samples to IDENTIGENE for testing.
DNA Testing Results provided by mail, phone or online.


LeoRufus said...

A sad testament to our society. I guess "grounding" the kid doesn't work anymore.

"Go to your room, Melissa, you're grounded!"

*rolls eyes* "But Mom Billy is still asleep in there."

Belinda said...

Your funny Leo,
I've been reading your blog this morning whilst you've been reading mine. Your blog is much smarter than mine, your wasting your time. :)