Saturday, November 22, 2008

One of my favorite songs- Peter Gabriel, "In Your eyes"

Dear God,three quick questions,

1) How do you see me? No it's not about how other people feel about me. I don't care.
I know you that love me so I don't need affirmation. Just simply put "how do you see me?" "What is your opinion of me?" If I were your employee God- what would my evaluation look like at this point? You know- job rating. :)

2) What do you want from me? I need to make some changes. What do you have in store for me? I have to help my family, and I am not sure how to go about doing that. Hey, wasn't it funny God when my dear neighbor said to me- "when your ready to go to work Belinda, I can help you with contract negotiations." I almost died laughing , I said "they have contract negotiations at McDonald's?
I bet you Laughed too God.

3) Have you noticed how wonderful my husband is ,and has always been , and how hard he has worked for our survival? Please renew his strength , faith ,and spirit, and give him some direction. We are both needing a little guidance here. It would sorta be like hitting our "refresh" button. Yeah! refresh us Holy Spirit.
Thanks God I Love you , Belinda


Melody K said...

I have often thought, that if I could have a wish, it would be to talk one-on-one with God for five minutes. Oh, wait a minute, I guess I can do that. But I mean, to hear Him talk back. Oh, maybe it's a problem with my selective hearing, that I can't hear Him talk to me?

Vincenzo said...

"One of my favorite songs- Peter Gabriel, 'In Your eyes'"
Yeah that's a good one!