Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Triple play"- words for the day. From Belinda's brain

First word-
Chub-chub: An affectionate term used in a playful manner towards a chubby baby.
Example: When speaking to one of our babies we would say. I am going to tickle a chub-chub.

Second word-
Washback : This is what happens when a baby eats a cookie , and then requests a drink of water from your water bottle. When the baby drinks - much of what they ate washes back into the bottle.

Third word-
Floaties: The little particles of food suspended in the water that washed out from the baby's mouth. Of course when this does happen the temperature is 110' degree's outside, and there is only one bottle left . Then the kids start complaining that they don't think that they can make it home in time before they die of thirst. They then suggest a "slurpee" stop .

Triple play example:
Kid says's - Mom , "I am thirsty ,are there any water bottles in this car ?"
I say - "Share with your brother."
Kid says's - "The only bottle that's left is chub-chub's and he washed back, and I can see the floaties. There is NO WAY that I am drinking that."

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